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Influence of Digital Media on Education

An incredible man once stated, â€Å"If we educate today’s understudies as we did yesterdays, we are denying them of tomorrow. † His name was John Dewey. He was an American thinker, analyst and instructive reformer whose thoughts have been compelling in training and social change. This man is the motivation for some energetic teachers, who wish to develop instruction as our general surroundings changes, particularly with the quick changes gave to the training scene through this beast that we call computerized media. There is no fleeing from the way that computerized media has just changed the world.It’s not going to quit adjusting the world it was made in at any point in the near future. So individuals have exploited this reality. Since computerized media arrives at each side of the globe, man has figured out how to impact enormous measures of individuals through advanced commercials, communicated sentiments on online journals, monstrous video sharing (Youtube), Internet radios (Pandora, Spotify), widespread shopping outlets (Amazon, Ebay) and even amazingly limited merchant/purchaser ran sites, for example, Craigslist. The rundown is endless. Computerized media has snatched our general public by the horns.For this task I have decided to break down the effect of Digital media on instruction. Various interchanges advancements have been, and will keep on associating the skill of expert teachers. Computerized media and the various correspondences advances are associating a great many individuals to: 1. Increment open doors for quality instruction. 2. Increment crowd systems to kick off a synergistic everyday practice for on the web/afterschool considers. 3. Effectively create viable contemplating strategies in more youthful kids, which at last set kids up for success.Education on Digital Media 4. Develop intelligent correspondence for distributed examinations. 5. Allow guardians to give their kids phenomenal organized training. 6. Create onlin e projects that are amazingly easy to understand, for guardians and youngsters. 7. Adapting all over. 8. Acquaint kids with the most secure conceivable online collaborations for instructive purposes. 9. Permit kids to get versatile to the changing innovations including computerized media. 10. Find a student’s quality and shortcomings through PC created measurements, charts and tables.These tables will be accessible to guardians and kids, at the watchfulness of the guardians. Additionally, this will be accessible for ordinary grown-up understudies, consequently online school entrances (UMUC’s Webtycho). The joining of advanced media into conventional instruction permits advantageous learning options, as opposed to the custom course reading, note pad and highlighter approach. â€Å"Our understudies have changed profoundly. Today’s understudies are not, at this point the individuals our instructive framework was intended to educate. † (Prensky, 2001) These d ays’ understudies use tablets and PCs, remote Internet to their advantage.Digital media offers understudies of all instruction levels a huge money box of social practices, philosophies and even hands on assignments. Master teachers have gotten promptly accessible to understudies for all intents and purposes anyplace on the planet (where and web association can be found. ) obviously, just computerized foreigners who are capable to the utilization of advanced media themselves will be managed the chance to share their showing abilities all around. A learning application on your IPhone will never supplant a quality educator, who genuinely has an enthusiasm for teaching.However, in the course of recent years, numerous online stages have allowed understudies the chance to step up to the plate on learning. â€Å"Tools will never surpass a splendid educator, however in the course of recent years numerous devices, administrations, and stages have gotten simpler to adjust for learning purposes, to help order and hold the consideration of students for whom email is close to a simple method to converse with â€Å"the man. †Ã¢â‚¬  (Scholz, 2011) A site I have utilized in the past has helped me pass CLEP (College Level Entry Program) tests, which mean 3 school credits.You can procure these credits just by passing the assessments, which are normally more troublesome than simple. The CLEP framework permits understudies to essentially take the last test of the year of a section level school course, while never taking the course. This site I used and came to acknowledge is www. instantcert. com. You need to pay a month to month membership, which is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble on the off chance that you put forth a concentrated effort. There is no teacher for the examination aides and test tests gave by the sites designers. It’s just you and the books. Crude learning at its finest.Of course, there are additionally web based mentoring prog rams, which give private guides to for all intents and purposes every single scholastic subject. Live online courses (much like CMST 301) are accessible to understudies everything being equal. I might want to bring up the distinction between an online school course, and a web based coaching program. UMUC’s online program is the ideal case of an online school, where understudies gain genuine school credits that apply towards an official advanced education. At that point there’s scholastic coaching programs, for example, Instantcert. com, which I referenced previously.Another fine case of a web based mentoring program is the princetonreview. com. The Princeton audit doesn't offer school credits; it essentially helps roused understudies in their comprehension of whatever topic they are seeking after. The idea of â€Å"learning everywhere† has never been simpler, because of advanced media. â€Å"Digital learning not just happens on the web or in the college homeroo m but on the other hand is arranged in secondary schools, exhibition halls, after school programs, self-teach lounge rooms, open libraries, and distributed universities.Learners don't adapt only in the college where â€Å"master-teachers† give their bits of knowledge under the tree of information. † (Scholz, 2011) I have discovered the use of traveler intuitive computerized media programs in exhibition halls to be very valuable and instructive. Adapting wherever is as of now occurring, in self-teaches and state funded schools. One examination I might want to have known, is the distinction in PC use with respect to self-teach and state funded schools. There is a chart underneath that summarizes some extremely valuable percentages.The diagram shows that the level of understudies using PCs at home increments, as their parent’s instructive fulfillment increments, yet that the rate utilizing PCs at state funded school is all the more almost equivalent over the degrees of parental training. This demonstrates PC (Internet) utilization for state funded instruction is on the ascent. A few guardians incline toward their student’s instruction to stay customary, henceforth the self-teaching. A conventional self-teach program, in the past has comprised of family purchased course books and instructing material intended for the understudies parents.Today nonetheless, there are various projects offered to guardians, so they may approach quality self-teach programs. A portion of these projects include the utilization of the Internet, and some don't. Many self-teach programs utilize DVD’s. You may see the advanced education accomplishment for guardians has a slight effect between guardians who have bachelor’s qualification and an alumni instruction (with respect to self-teach and government funded school). This was normal. What was not expected was the contrast between guardians with a secondary school instruction, contrasted with guardi ans with a 4-year degree. 5% contrasted with 82% is an enormous hole. I foresee that advanced media will abbreviate this hole. Easy to use, moderate and autonomous self-teach online projects will be created by computerized workers, software engineers and instructors who have experienced childhood in the well informed age. The hole will normally abbreviate as training turns out to be promptly fused into computerized media. Another shock (to me actually) was the way that the most elevated rate for PC use originated from self-teach conditions instructed by guardians with graduate educations.I anticipated that this rate should be lower, because of the way that most conventional self-teach frameworks will in general conflict away from PC utilization. Be that as it may, on the other hand, this diagram was made in 2003. I can see advanced media directly affecting instruction for every one of these classes. Reason being, over the long haul, advanced media use in nursery school and understud ies in grades K-12 will increment. It will increment in light of the fact that computerized media is just facilitating its compass. The uplifting news concerning this diagram, the level of PC utilization in state funded schools remained moderately close in proximity.Ranging from the most reduced (78%) to the most elevated (84%), this shows PC and computerized media use in broad daylight, private secondary schools and colleges has just gotten generally accessible. The diagram above showcases PC use in family units. The chart beneath shows the contrast between PC utilization and real Internet use by grade level from Nursery school through twelfth grade. In 2003, it was anything but difficult to see the emotional increment for PC and Internet use going from nursery school as far as possible up to tenth grade.By the time understudies arrived at tenth grade, the Internet and PC utilization would in general even out at a moderate rate. Fundamentally what this chart is letting us know is t hat understudies start figuring out how to utilize a PC and Internet when they enter the educational systems. The rate that amazed me the most, was the nursery school PC and Internet use starting in nursery school. Despite the fact that this diagram was begun by the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics), I scrutinized the way that PC use/Internet utilization starts in nursery school.It is going on today, and I foresee this to be a developing pattern. There are two significant associations, which exist today, whose sole crucial to securely join advanced media into preschool and kindergarten. The principal major organizat

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Customer Service as a Part of Business Strategy

Client support as a Part of Business Strategy Writing Review Customer administration is a basic piece of business procedure (Sahaf 2008). Any organization that overlooks the nature of administrations that it provides for its clients submits a key screw up. This writing audit investigates the reasonable issues that administer the arrangement of magnificent client support. The audit has four segments. The main area manages the meaning of client service.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Customer Service as a Part of Business Strategy explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The utilization of the term â€Å"customer service† expects outline to guarantee that there isn't disarray with different parts of client care in the business. It is likewise basic to build up a working meaning of the term for this task. The second piece of the survey covers administration quality by and large and online assistance quality. The normal result of this venture will be the advancement of a site that can imp rove client care for Igno Merchandise Company. In such manner, the guidelines for online assistance quality in the organization must fulfill client desires. The last three territories of intrigue incorporate an audit of the online instruments accessible for online client support applications, website composition standards for client assistance sites, and the dangers presented by online client assistance. Meaning of Customer Service The term â€Å"customer service† doesn't have an all inclusive definition regardless of the across the board use by the two business visionaries and researchers. This is not really astounding as a result of the assortment of perspectives identifying with the subject. Wagenheim and Reurink (1991) characterized client assistance as an administration methodology that concentrated on meeting client desires. This definition depended on the possibility that each association would do whatever it took to fulfill its clients so as to achieve its objectives proficiently and successfully. Be that as it may, it was exceptionally wide since it secured all exercises embraced by a business. For example, RD divisions exist to deliver items that fulfill client desires. Does this imply RD exercises structure some portion of client care? This definition fits better where there is contact with clients. For this situation, it is helpful as a methods for setting client assistance objectives. Armistead (1989) built up a progressively intricate meaning of client care that had six measurements gathered into two. The main gathering established the â€Å"firm† measurements, which notwithstanding, â€Å"the structure of time, deficiency freeness, and flexibility† (Armistead 1989, p. 249). The system of time alluded to the span, accessibility, and speed of client care. As it were, acceptable client assistance ought to be accessible on request, for the necessary length, and ought to be offered as fast as could be expected under the circums tances. The system of flaw freeness tried to catch the need to have administrations that were sans mistake (Armistead 1989). The scope of issues caught in this measurement incorporated the data, procedures, and items that established client support in an organisation.Advertising Looking for exposition on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More All associations need to take most extreme consideration to guarantee that the administrations created to assist their customers are sans mistake. The structure of adaptability tried to address the requirement for an organization to stay versatile to new circumstances (Armistead 1989). For example, an organization ought to be able to modify client benefits so as to guarantee that the arrangements gave to every customer settle their particular concerns. This structure additionally tended to the requirement for the organization to continue improving client administra tions. Nonstop improvement is a notable idea in lean creation (Creswell 2008). The second gathering of structures created by Armistead (1989) was the delicate measurements. These measurements were increasingly hard to control and measure. The three structures were â€Å"style, controlling, and safety† (Armistead 1989, p. 249). Style alluded to the components of hierarchical culture in client care, and the method of introduction of administrations. This measurement has two ramifications. In the first place, it implies that the style wherein an association offers client administrations is a result of its hierarchical culture (Wei Lu 2012). On the off chance that an association regards reliability in the entirety of its exercises, at that point client support from the association ought to show promptness with no further requirement for implementation. The second ramifications of this structure is that each association needs to consider how it offers administrations to its clie nts. This incorporates the perspectives of the client care staff towards clients, the feel, and the simple entry to its premises (Ardichvili, Cardozo Ray 2003). At the end of the day, associations need to consider client involvement with their client assistance activities (Cardoso 2009). The second system in Armistead’s second class was â€Å"steering† (Armistead 1989, p. 249). Directing was the word picked to speak to the feeling of control a client expected to feel when getting to administrations in an association. It additionally implied that the client required clearness about the methodology and procedures expected to get to administrations in the organization. The third system was wellbeing. Security in client care alludes to the degree of physical and mental solace that a client feels when managing an organization (Yang, Jun Peterson 2004). The particular issues plot in this system included watching privacy and looking after trust. It likewise includes guarantee ing clients of their physical wellbeing at whatever point they interface with the association. The meaning of client support offered by Lucas, Bush and Gresham (1996) saw client support as the effect of sales reps, business environment, and nature of administrations on the clients. This definition had a wide region of cover with Armistead’s definition concerning the basic parts of client care. The two definitions concurred that client assistance was not a solitary perspective in the exercises of the organisation.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Customer Service as a Part of Business Strategy explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The writers saw client care as a hierarchical procedure, instead of a particular activity. Donaldson (1986) utilized an alternate way to deal with characterize client assistance by suggesting that client assistance was the fifth component that associations expected to add to the four Ps of showcasing. This view t ried to make client support one of the basics of good strategic policies important for running an effective undertaking. This writing audit shows that the meaning of client assistance relies upon the general hierarchical way of thinking of an organization. The significant issue concerning the meaning of client care isn't the exactness of the term. An association ought to credit a significance to it dependent on its general authoritative way of thinking. The consistent idea in the definitions explored is that an organization needs to compose itself so that it can offer the administrations its clients require as adequately as could reasonably be expected. Administration Quality and Online Service Quality Service is immaterial, is devoured at the same time, and can't be shown in stock. The procedure of client care comprises of a few intervening exercises between the client and the organization (Agyapong Kobina 2012). One of the significant difficulties that associations are confronting today is an expansion in client desires with respect to nature of administration (Ekankumo, Kemebaradikumo Braye 2011). In an investigation on client assistance, 96% of the respondents said that they purchase administrations from organizations that have great client administrations, paying little mind to valuing (Ekankumo, Kemebaradikumo Braye 2011). Numerous organizations are discovering it incredibly hard to oversee rivalry emerging from contrasts in administration quality. This shows administration quality can decide the upper hand of a business in a given industry (Wagenheim Reurink 1991). In an investigation, GSM supporters in Lagos State expressed that they were bound to pick a specialist organization dependent on the nature of administrations offered regardless of the evaluating of the administration (Adeleke Aminu 2012). Administration quality is imperative to support arranged associations. Organizations that produce administrations, for example, banks or media communicatio ns organizations see their administrations as the results of the organization. In these cases, poor administrations are identical to poor items. In item arranged associations, client care is offered to help the shopper when utilizing the item in the wake of getting it from the organization (Ekankumo, Kemebaradikumo Braye 2011). For example, an automaker may work client care outlets that offer types of assistance to the proprietors of vehicles purchased from the organization. An investigation by Yang, Jun and Peterson (2004) presumed that the six principle parts of administration quality in the web are unwavering quality, responsiveness, ability, convenience, security, and item portfolio. These six components can control the appraisal and improvement of an online client support strategy. Online administration quality is the specific instance of administrations offered through the web (Cruz Mendelsohn 2010).Advertising Searching for exposition on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Organizations that offer their administrations through the web use offices, for example, messages, electronic pamphlets, or visit to help take care of client issues (Curasi, Hogg Maclaran 2001). It is likewise conceivable to offer voice based client care utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which is open through administrations such

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Annotated Bibliography Writing Service Your Academic Assistant

Annotated Bibliography Writing Service Your Academic Assistant Annotated Bibliography Writing Service Annotated Bibliography Writing Service: Our Professionalism at Your Disposal Why is annotated bibliography writing service in demand among the students? They do not waste any day at schools or colleges. They absorb new knowledge like sponges and learn a lot of facts to become more qualified. They study new topics, improve the already acquired skills, read a lot, and get numerous writing tasks to complete their education. Practice is what they need for better writing skills, and every time they get a new assignment the results are evidently brighter. However, there is always a moment when a student suddenly understands that 24 hours a day is not sufficient time for doing all the assigned tasks. The list of assignments to do is getting longer and longer, and the pressure increases tremendously. Make my annotated bibliography better! Help me with writing an essay for tomorrow! Can you assist with my math assignments? There is too much stress for a single person if there is no one you can address your requests to.

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William Shakespeare s The Tempest - 947 Words

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Caliban is the primitive monster who belongs to the bottom of the power hierarchy on the island claimed by Prospero. Caliban, the original inhabitant of the island, unwillingly becomes Prospero’s slave as he uses magic to take control of the island. Prospero sees Caliban as the savage and monster who does not acknowledge the order of civilization despite his efforts to educate him. Caliban appears as an inferior and beast-like figure from nature in the eyes of the civilized people in the play, yet his language and behavior throughout the play suggests that he maintains human emotions and adequate understanding of the civilized world, which challenges the European characters of placing him at the bottom of the island’s social structure. The text emphasizes Prospero’s perception of Caliban’s social status by reminding Caliban about his mother’s foul practice and comparing him to Prospero’s other servant, Ariel. Prospero, as the current ruler of the island, diminishes Caliban s figure depending on his mother s evilness and assures him that he cannot override that status. Prospero says that Caliban is â€Å"a freckled whelp hag-born – not honour’d with / A human shape† (I.ii.283-284). Prospero continues to treat Caliban with cruelty, and he dehumanizes Caliban’s character by his primitive and evil identity inherited from his mother. Prospero’s difference in treatment compared to Ariel again places Caliban at the bottom of the social hierarchy on theShow MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1267 Words   |  6 Pagesaudience. During the Enlightenment Era, William Shakespeare’s writing were a form of social commentary on the English Government. Endorsed by the king, Shakespeare’s works told tales of tragedy and whimsy, incorporating both fiction and nonfiction elements. One trademark of Shakespeare s plays were the subtle allusions to the concurrent events in the English government. This is evident in his well known and final play, The Tempest. The story of The Tempest tells the tale of Prospero, a fallen dukeRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Tragicomedy The Tempest1935 Words   |  8 Pagesstand alone, frequently including elements from other influences. William Shakespeare’s tragicomedy The Tempest (c:1611) is a play that uses intertextuality to enhance ideas about natural order. Banished to an island, Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, conjures up a tempest that brings him his usurping brother, Antonio in an attempt to restore his Dukedom. The play’s amalgamation of tragicomedy and the pastoral genre allows Shakespeare to warn his audience about unbalance, criticising the lavish lifestyleRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1256 Words   |  6 PagesWilliam Shakespare’s The Tempest introduces a dynamic and colorful protagonist, Prospero. Throughout the play, he establishes himself as a multi dimensional character. Prospero’s interaction with other characters in the play is vital in uncovering the many different sides of his personality. Prospero displays a different part of his personality when he interacts with Caliban, Ariel, and Ferdinand, all of whom are ploys in his master plan to regain his crown. Prospero assimilates his personality toRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1229 Words   |  5 Pages William Shakespeare most definitely did not reference Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s Seven Monster Theses when writing his play, The Tempest. One of Cohen’s theses though - thesis four â€Å"The Monster Dwells at the Gates of Difference† - appears quite prominently in Shakespeare’s work. The thesis articulates that monsters are divisive and often arise in a culture to make one group seem superior to another. Further, societies devise monsters in order to create a scapegoat for social and political inequitiesRead MoreWilliam Shake speare s The Tempest Essay1019 Words   |  5 PagesStephen Greenblatt, believes that antagonists such as Caliban from The Tempest represent more than a source of evil. Some theorists argue that Caliban should been seen as a â€Å"colonial other.† I agree, and in this paper I demonstrate and give prime examples as to why Caliban is misunderstood and depicted as a monster when in fact he should be viewed as a native of the island. According to Greenblatt’s argument, in The Tempest, Caliban should be viewed as a colonial other rather than a universal evilRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest886 Words   |  4 PagesIn The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, there is a main issue of whether Prospero or Caliban have the better claim to control the island. In act 1, scene 2, we learn that Prospero, Miranda (his daughter), and Caliban are all located on an island. Caliban states, â€Å"This island’s mine by Sycorax my mother, (1.2.331), which means that he has i nherited this island from his mother. However, critic Stephen Orgel has argued that â€Å"Power, as Prospero presents it in the play, is not inherited but self-createdRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest Essay987 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance† (5.1.35-36). This quote from scene five of the Tempest gives the reader a glimpse of Shakespeare’s message regarding humanity. To be human means more than to have two feet, breathe in your lungs, and the ability to communicate. To be human is a choice. Being human means showing compassion and love for those around you. In the play the Tempest, Prospero struggles with his humanity. He possesses inhuman abilities that cause him to lose sight of theRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1499 Words   |  6 PagesShakespeare’s play â€Å"The Tempest† outlines many complex characters. One of which was Prospero, former Duke of Milan and powerful sorcerer. Prospero i nitially portrays a self-involved personality and God-complex but then throughout the course of the play this personality trait transpires into a more pragmatic approach to his life. All of these traits of this character makes it difficult to analyze the true character of Prospero. In the first Act of the play, we see Prospero using sorcery to drum upRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1469 Words   |  6 PagesThe Tempest brings out the discussion of rule, in this play the theme of rule is prominent, especially in the beginning of the play where the conversation between Prospero and Miranda (his daughter) lead the actions of Prospero, this paper will be analysing the hierarchy of the characters, the definition of justice for Prospero and who’s the king of Milan. Prospero has magical powers which is seen later in the play, the play starts off by the telling the story of the current king and his crew onRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest843 Words   |  4 Pages William Shakespeare was one of the world’s greatest Renaissance era playwrights. His plays were a part of culture in Renaissance England. Everyone from King James to peasants came to see his works. However, his reign was coming to an end. With thirty eight plays written, Shakespeare decided that ‘The Tempest’ was to end his illustrious, prolific career. It is known that throughout this play the word ‘cell’ is used more frequently than in any of Shakespeare’s works. The uses of the word ‘cell’ throughout

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What Is The Determination Of Information System Used In...

INTRODUCTION To get patients healthier faster in order to discharge them sooner is the basic requirement for healthcare facilities under great economic pressure to lower costs. The charting of patient data is viewed as the most tedious part of a clinician’s job. Handwritten data entry processes are haphazard, prone to transcription errors, and do not include a reliable means for time stamping and effect on medical decisions, and the resulting immense quantities of paper records are unacceptable and lead to mistakes in diagnosis and treatment. As a result, the migration to automated data capture (ADC) and automated data collection is imperative. ADC is more efficient and less error prone than manual data capture. Providing doctors with†¦show more content†¦[4] HISTORY OF THE IEEE 1073 MEDICAL INFORMATION BUS (MIB) In 1982, professionals from several leading medical institutions with strong medical informatics programs came together to work on requirements for acute care data communications. These institutions included Hospitals, Universities, and Medical Centers. The goal of this group was to automate patient charting from bedside medical devices to eliminate the need for nurses to perform manual charting. In addition, members of this group were looking to use the automatically captured data for quantitative analysis, and eventually to allow computers to make recommendations for patient treatment. An outcome of these meetings was a proposal sent to the IEEE to form a committee on the standard for medical device communications. In 1984, this proposal led to the formation of the IEEE 1073 Medical Information Bus (MIB) committee. [1] THE PURPOSE OF MIB The purpose of MIB is to develop a standard means of interchange data between intensive care bedside medical devices and hospital network. The devices include patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, pulse oximeters and other devices used in emergencyShow MoreRelatedMedical Care At The United States994 Words   |  4 PagesSummary Medical care in the United States is complex at the individual provider level, at the system level, and at the national level. While managed care works to streamline medical services, and integrate systems, integration within safety net hospital systems—providers that deliver a significant level of care to vulnerable patients (Ko Et Al, 2015)—and community health centers is still undergoing transition. Although policymakers have worked to promote integration in large hospital systems, and haveRead MoreLike Many Other Big Cities, The City Of Cleveland Has Challenging1134 Words   |  5 Pageshealthcare systems in the nation, Cleveland faces many challenges in healthcare. The rising hospital admissions, disease side effects and the needs for health management are in great demand. The city of Cleveland has a high poverty level, along with higher than average persons who are unemployed and people with lower median incomes. The people in Cleveland are living with chronic d iseases and there has been increase in hospital stays, mentally ill patients and people using the government systems becauseRead MoreThe Role of Nursing Informatics1246 Words   |  5 PagesThe American Nurses Association delineates nursing informatics as a domain that encompasses the integration of nursing science, information science and computer science in order to communicate and manage information, data and knowledge within the nursing practice (Elkind, 2009). Elaborately, nursing informatics facilitates data integration and incorporates both information and knowledge in order to help support patients, nurses together with other healthcare providers during their decision-making processesRead MoreUses of Statistical Information Paper1250 Words   |  5 PagesUses of statistical information paper HCS 438 Jennifer Scott December 6, 2010 Pam Bennett Uses of statistical information paper When working with uses of statistical information there is as few topics individuals and organizations need to know and these are how are statistics used in the workplace, what is one example of descriptive statistics used in the workplace and what is one example of inferential statistics used in the workplace. Plus how is data at each of the fourRead MoreThe Fundamental Objectives Of Modern Ethic Committees1575 Words   |  7 PagesDelivering medical care is a two way street. Families rely on the hospital physicians and the care team to understand their desire for their love ones to receive care that is not biased, or prejudiced in any way. On the other hand, hospitals have a desire for families to understand their guidelines, policies, and laws that guide their efforts in caring for patients. When physicians cannot reach an agreed upon resolution in care between all parties involved (patient/surrogate, caregiver, or clinician)Read MoreHow And Interrupt Harmful Interaction Patter ns Within A Family1432 Words   |  6 Pageswithin a family, I would start with the assessment and diagnosis process, here the therapist will see tedious patterns of each member. As counselor, I will center on what is being stated by the family members, discussing the family’s history, physiognomies and nature of the interaction that have taken place within the family, and what they have attempted to do in order eliminating the issues. All done within a serene setting, that is designed to be free of distractions, and whereas theRead MoreThe Laws That Govern Privacy And Confidentiality Of Patients Essay1573 Words   |  7 Pagesprivacy and confidentiality is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the privacy act. The HIPAA has been the most important law that safeguards the medical documents as well its authorized disclosure. The HIPAA Act was privacy act enacted in 1996 to protect the individuals’ health information against an unlawful disclosure and use the so-called protected information. The protected information according to the United States Department of Health Human Services is the use andRead MoreData Quality Management : The Business Processes That Ensure The Integrity Of An Organization Essay971 Words   |  4 Pagesinteroperability: †¢ Continuity of Care Document (CCD), Clinical Documentation Architecture (CDA) †¢ Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) †¢ Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS) †¢ Minimum Data Set (MDS) for long-term care †¢ ICD-10-CM/PCS, Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine—Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT), Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC). Data Quality Measurement: A quality measure is a mechanism to assign a quantity to quality of care by comparison to a criterionRead MoreBetty Neuman s Systems Model1129 Words   |  5 PagesBetty Neuman’s Systems Model The impact of nursing theories continues to provide a framework for guidance for patient centered care. Nurses continue to use these theories to provide beneficial knowledge in advancing their profession. Kearney-Nunnery (2012) describes the function of the conceptual model as a reference point and has been used to supply information to nursing scholars. One of these scholars that uses this model is Betty Neuman with the development of Neuman’s Systems Model. Neuman’sRead MorePersonal Information On Health Care Organizations Essay1694 Words   |  7 Pages 5) Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention: Personal information can be collected or disclosed for the purpose, it was taken. For other purposes, consent is required. Personal information should be kept as long as necessary. 6) Accuracy: Health care organization must make effort to reduce the risk when incorrect personal information is used or disclosed. 7) Safeguards: Health care organizations must protect personal information from loss or theft. They must create safeguards to prevent unauthorized

Marris Growth Maximisation Model Free Essays

Assignment Set 2 Question 1 What are the principles of management? Answer There are fourteen principles of management laid by Henri Fayol. They are elaborated further below. Division of labour A particular task is divided into several units or segments, each performed by specialists in order to achieve efficiency. We will write a custom essay sample on Marris Growth Maximisation Model or any similar topic only for you Order Now Authority and responsibility coexist Responsibility must be understood properly in order to achieve command in the business by taking the right decision at the right time for the right purpose. Unity of command There should be single chain of command in the organisational structure which means one person should report to only one boss Unity of direction Managers must be methodical and must approach with a single plan following the single universal approach to achieve goals Equity Management actions must be a combination of fairness, justice and empathy layered with the idea of productivity-based incentives. Order The entire process of productivity must balance on a discrete system which governs on the principles of desired output Discipline Management must elaborate through the entire chain of command the necessary of maintaining norms, rules and guidelines to enhance productivity and harmony in workplace Initiative The workers must find their job interesting so that they are enthusiastic about learning new responsibilities, thus bringing effectiveness. Fairness Various industrial laws and norms are established and governed by the respective legislative bodies to ensure a system of fairness, justice, equality is maintained within the industrial as well as organisational environment. Stability Proper schooling of guidelines, methodologies, and systems involved; creates team spirit, smoothness and enhances productivity. Thus an employee will always adjust himself or herself according to the dynamic reality. Scalar chain A strict and coordinated effort of inflow and outflow of information from top level to the lowest level of organisational hierarchy creates smoothness, review plans and solve problems faster. Subordination of individual interest to general interest Organisation’s interest must be prioritised at all cost because it affect the interest of many stakeholders. Espirit de corps Management must ensure the existence of team spirit, harmony and intense communication and accurate dissemination of information, trust among the employees. Centralisation and decentralisation Authority and power must centralise and decentralise accordingly although decentralisation is the trend nowadays in various existing multinational and national organisations. Question 2 What are the characteristics of leading? Answer The characteristics of leading are * Pervasiveness * Continuity * Human factor * Creativity Executive function * Delegating function Pervasiveness Characteristic of leading is required in all levels of organisation. Leading motivates all the levels in the organisation to coordinate with the CEO (leader). Continuity Leading is a continuous process happens everywhere and at anytime in the organisation. Its importance becomes higher when the organisation is undergoing a change. Human factor Leading directs and controls human factor of complexity and u npredictable nature in more of a disciplined, matured performer regarding fulfilment of rganisational goals and objectives. Creativity Differentiated thoughts and ideas are accumulated and processed through employees enrolled from different strata of the society brings matured creativity in order to project growth and development in the organisation. Executive function Leading implies that the followers execute the functions of organisation, which the leader and the follower agree is important for achieving the organisational goals and through it the individual goals. Delegating function Delegating is natural fallout of leading. It also follows that the leader trusts his or her followers and vice-versa. Mutual trust is the most important in leading and delegation is largely based on that. Question 3 Briefly explain the four main approaches to organisational behaviour. Answer The main approaches to organisational behaviour are: * Human resource approach * Contingency approach * Productivity approach * Systems approach Human resource approach The organisation is for the people, by the people and with people. Humans are the integrated part of the organisation. Therefore growth and development is only possible when human resource are developed both internally and externally. Contingency approach Situation analysis is the vital part of the behavioural practices of organisation. Significant analysis of each situation prior to action helps to use all the current knowledge about people in the organisation in the most appropriate manner. Productivity approach Output per unit input is considered. Besides, economic inputs and outputs, we need to have human and social inputs and outputs in workplace, is the premise of this approach Systems approach The systems view emphasizes the interdependence of people, technology, and socio-economic structure of organisation serves as a basis for co-ordinating activities to function as a whole effectively. Question 4 Explain the five major leadership styles as per the Managerial Grid Theory Answer The Managerial Grid Theory or also known as the Blake Mouton Framework builds on the Ohio and Michigan studies and creates a relative position that a leader prefers to take in most situations and thereby identifies his or her predominant style. The five major leadership styles are: * Impoverished leadership Country club leadership * Produce or perish leadership * Middle-of-the-road leadership * Team leadership Impoverished leadership It is the most haphazard, uncoordinated, reluctant, de-motivated style of leadership. It generates zero creativity, immense dissatisfaction and disharmony among employees. They have neither a high regard for creating systems for getting the job done nor for creating a work environment that is satisfying and motivating (low production/low people) Country club leadership It is mostly concerned about the needs and feelings of the members of the team. The main objective is making everyone happy instead of being focussed on the objectives and achieving results. A very relaxed environment exists but without direction and control (high people/low production). Produce or perish leadership Leaders believe that followers are simply a means to an end. They are generally strict and autocratic in nature. They believe frequent punishments can bring productivity and motivation in employees. (high production/low people) Middle of the road leadership Leaders settle for average performance and often believe that this is the most anyone can expect. In this case, neither production nor people needs are fully met. (medium production/medium people) Team leadership Leaders stress on needs related to production, quality and people with equal importance, because they believe that each of them are the stakeholders of the organisation. This creates a team environment based on trust, and respect which leads to high satisfaction and motivation, resulting high production. (high production/high people) Question 5 List some of the commonly found perceptual biases. Answer The commonly found perceptual biases are as follows: Fundamental attribution error * Self serving bias * Selective perception * Halo effect * Contrasts effects * Projection * Stereotyping * Primacy(first-impression) effect * Recency effect * Self-fulfilling prophecy * Pygmalion effect * Golem effect Fundamental attribution error Tendency to underestimate the influence of external factors and overestimate the internal factors Self serving bias Tendency of people to attribute success to internal factors and failure to external factors, is known as self-serving biased perception Selective perception Sometimes a person, or an object or an event stands out from the action. Faulty evaluation follows after the action based on this selective perception. Halo effect Previous success creates a halo in our mind so that every time the same person, object or event returns, expectation remains premium about reproducing similar or better outcome. If the results fail to impress we generate biased judgements and attribute it to some outside factors rather to accept the inabilities. Contrast effects. Individuals do not evaluate a person in isolation. There is always a tendency of comparison which depicts high contrast in values and actual actions of the organisation, generating various prejudices. Projection We tend to feel and see that others are like us, and taking decisions on the premise that others want what we want, such perception is called projection. Stereotyping Judging someone on the basis of our perception of the group to which the person belongs is defined as stereotyping. It simplifies the complex world. But when we inaccurately stereotype, various mistakes and misunderstandings cloud the right perception. Primacy effect First impression-lasting effect theory, the tendency to form lasting opinions about an individual based on the initial perceptions. This error is generally found formal interview sessions. Recency effect When we summarise a series of action taken by a person recently and decide its effectiveness in reality, we perceive with recency effect. Self-fulfilling prophecy It is a tendency for someone’s expectations about another to cause that person to behave in a manner consistent with those expectations. It can of two types * Pygmalion effect- manager has high expectations of his employee and therefore grades him as the topper although the facts indicate otherwise * Golem effect- the same manager evaluates his top performer as third, because his expectation from him is not high although the facts indicate otherwise Question 6 Suppose you are the Team Manager in a multinational company with team strength of 12 members. You are given the responsibility of ensuring that the team gives excellent performance or results. What are the key issues you have to handle in team building? Answer The key issues needed to handle while building a proper team are: * having clear expectations and context * commitment * team design and competence * charter of performance * control and coordination * collaboration * communication * consequences * creative innovation * cultural change Having clear expectations and context The team should get sufficient resources like people, time and money. The team need to understand the role and importance of their work and their strategic existence. Commitment All team members must oath in sincerity and recognised contribution in order have growth and development. They should enthusiastic, excited and challenged by the opportunity. Team design and competence There should continuous evaluation of the structure and reason of existence so that competencies are evolved and used to achieve results faster and in superior quality. Charter of performance The team must define its goals, the outcomes, the timelines, measuring success, and the process to accomplish tasks. Equally , the support of the top management is the precondition Control and coordination The team should have sufficient freedom and mechanism for self regulation and coordination. The top management must ensure the existence of such team spirit, address the challenges through incentives and motivation. Collaboration The team goals should be a collaborative one, and should establish norms so that collaboration becomes easy and effective. Communication The members must continuously communicate among themselves because it is the mother of all issues that is needed to be solved immediately as soon as the team formation occurs. Consequences Team members must be accountable and should feel responsible for the achievement and they should inherently get the idea of consequences of not achieving it. Creative innovation The team must continuously innovate with the freedom of creativity in order to sustain for long run. Cultural change Teams need flat organisational structure, rewards and recognition and training and development of a high order. Traditional companies are not designed for effective team operation. Acknowledgement I would like to thank our honourable lecturers Mr. Indranil Bhattacharya and Miss Sumita Haldar for extensive cooperation and support in order to establish focused effort in completion of the assignment successfully. I would also like to thank my mates and Sikkim Manipal University for extensive cooperation and support. How to cite Marris Growth Maximisation Model, Essay examples

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Practice question answer free essay sample

Alan believed that Bhu, a fellow student, had stolen his mobile phone. Alan saw Bhu at college, went up to her and said, â€Å"We sort out thieves like you. † As Bhu hurried away in a panic, Alan’s friend, Carol, sprayed Bhu with red paint. A small amount of paint went into Bhu’s eyes. She was taken to hospital where her eyes were treated to remove the paint. As she went home, and just before her sight was fully recovered, she tripped up a kerb and fractured her skull. Refer to the scenario when answering the remaining questions in this section. 1. Discuss Alan’s criminal liability for his statement to Bhu, â€Å"We sort out thieves like you. † (7 marks) I think that Alan would be trialled for assault under s. 47 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. This crime cannot be battery as no force has been used, neither can it be GBH or ABH as no wounding or injury has been caused. We will write a custom essay sample on Practice question answer or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Assault offences can be done by: silence alone- as shown in the case of R v Ireland; as written words- shown in the case of R v Constanca; Psychological- as represented in Smith v Chief superintendent of Working Police Station; and even by raising your fist at someone in a threatening way- as shown in Stevens v Myers. The actus reus of assault is any act that causes the victim to apprehend an immediate infliction of unlawful violence. There is no need for physical contact to occur between the victim and the defendant. By saying ‘we sort out thieves like you’ Alan has committed the actus reus of assault, as the defendant went up to the victim and threatened him while standing in front of him. This could have finished with immediate violence towards the victim. Also, Bhu ‘hurried away in panic’ which tells us that he took the threats seriously. The mens rea of the act is the intention or recklessness as to either putting the victim in fear of unlawful force or applying unlawful force such as in the case of Savage (1991). Alan’s act was intentional as shown by the fact that Alan blamed a ‘fellow student’ Bhu. This shows that Alan and Bhu did not get on too well as he would not accuse his friend of stealing his phone. Also, they were standing face to face when Alan was threatening Bhu. He could have foreseen that Bhu would fear, as shown by the fact that Bhu then ‘hurried away in panic’. So, therefore, guilty.